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Visitor Questions

Can i access and download all content?
You can download all or content with no limits or hidden charges.

What is Hentai Key?
HentaiKey is a hentai network with many sites. Just signup over us and get access to HentaiKey.

Member Questions

How can i login to the members area?
At the top right is a login button.

Is there a connection limit?
Yes there is a limit of 8 connections per user.

I found a error what should i do?
Please send us over the report button a message.

Download/Playback Questions

Is there a download limit.

No you can download as much as you want.

I get a error 503 why?
You are using to many connections there is a limit of 8 connections per user.

Glossary of Japanese Tags

An exaggerated facial expression indicating pleasure, usually includes rolled-up eyes, open mouth, and tongue sticking out. Often occurs during sexual climax.

Anything that is not human, animal, or furry.

Abnormally large breasts - bigger then 100cm.

A human having sex with an animal or insect.

Is a beautiful young girl.

The act of being covered in cum, often by more then one person.

Character dressing up as another character.

A girl with both male and female genitals.

Gender Bender:
A character's body changes gender from their usual one.

Mutilation of a living thing. Moderate blood or violence does not qualify.

Various fashions used to appear as un-Japanese as possible, including artificial tans, bleached hair, decorated nails, heavy makeup, and false eyelashes.

Sex involving in-law, step, or adopted family relatives.

A humanoid that has animal ears and often a tail but little-to-no other animal parts.

Breasts size is very big - bigger than 90cm.

Mahou Shoujo:
A costume including a skirt and frilly uniform common in the genre.

Any framed, transparent eye-wear worn in front of both eyes to improve eyesight.

A shrine maiden; a young priestess. Usually wears red trousers or a long, red, slightly pleated skirt tied with a bow and a white haori (kimono jacket) with some white or red hair ribbons.

Another person's spouse / partner being unfaithful and the one being cuckolded being aware of the situation.

Breasts size is big - bigger than 80cm.

Oppai Loli:
Little girl with anything larger than small breasts.

A person wearing a sailor or otherwise standard school uniform.

Short for shima pantsu, meaning striped panties.

Short, elastic, skin-tight legwear - but worn more as an undergarment.

A male has his lifestyle modified into that of a crossdresser (e.g. via training or mind control) or has his body altered into that of a shemale/futanari. In either case the person must act or be treated as more feminine.

Sex between at least two males.

A female humanoid with a strong demonic appearance (wings, horns, pointed tail, abnormal skin color, skin patterns/markings, etc.)

Sex between at least two females.

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