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Cover - Nanatsu no Taizai - Kamigami no Gekirin

Nanatsu no Taizai - Kamigami no Gekirin English Subbed

0/10 (0)
Release 09.10.2019
New season of Nanatsu no Taizai.
Cover - Nekopara

Nekopara English Subbed

0/10 (0)
Release 09.01.2020
No description added.
Cover - number24

number24 English Subbed

0/10 (0)
Release 08.01.2020
Natsusa Yuzuki entered university expecting to be the rugby clubs ace, but he can no longer play rugby due to certain circumstances. Ibuki Ueoka is a senior who also quit playing rugby. There is also Yasunari Tsuru, Natsusas junior who finds him disagreeable. On the other hand, another junior, Yuu Mashiro looks up to Natsusa and follows in his footsteps. Last, there is Seiichirou Shingyouji, Natsusas childhood best friend. This is an original rugby anime of former teammates who fight together in matches of Kansais university rugby league.
Cover - Nanabun no Nijyuuni

Nanabun no Nijyuuni English Subbed

0/10 (0)
Release 11.01.2020
Shy Miu Takigawa receives a letter notifying her that she’s been chosen as a member of a brand-new, mysterious project. Summoned to a giant, top-secret facility, she finds seven other girls just as confused as she is. Once there, a major record label tells them the craziest thing – they’ve all been selected to form a new idol group. What’s more, it’ll be unlike any that the world has seen before!
Cover - No Guns Life

No Guns Life English Subbed

0/10 (0)
Release 11.10.2019
The technology to create powerful cyborg soldiers has been released for public use by the Berühren Corporation. Those outfitted with robotic parts are known as the Extended. Juuzou Inui, one such Extended, was created as a soldier and has no memories of his former life. But now, after the war, he runs a business that takes care of Extended-related incidents around the city.

Rumors of a renegade Extended that kidnapped a child reach his ears; lo and behold, as Juuzo returns to his office, a giant robotic man with a boy on his back crashes in, asking for help. While Juuzou could just turn the guy in and be done with it, something about this situation is too fishy to ignore. It seems that everyone wants hold of this kid and, whether he likes it or not, Juuzou must find out why this Extended is on the run, how it connects to the Berühren Corporation, and just how far the treachery runs in this city.
Sci Fi
Cover - Null Peta

Null Peta English Subbed

0/10 (0)
Release 04.10.2019
Genius inventor Null tragically loses her older sister Peta in an accident. To get over the grief, Null develops "Peta Robo," a robot with the same characteristics as her late sister. However, the robot is a little different as to what Null expected.
Sci Fi
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